Life| Positive thinking

Another week has ended, I’m still searching and waiting to hear back from interviews about jobs- and I’d admit the whole job hunting is seriously disheartening/ a knock in confidence. As a long-term worrier about life (seriously I have to be worrying about SOMETHING all the time), I have now starting to worry about a career and another employment related. However, in situations like this you have to stay positive and just remember that life has its own weird and wonderful ways of testing you.

  1. Current book: Currently my the book I’m reading is the sequel to Tinker Tailor Solider Spy. Its called The Honourable Schoolboy by John le Carré- so far it is really  good. Like all John le Carré books you do really have to pay attention and focus when reading it. It is quite a heavy form of detective novel, but nonetheless so fabulous.
  2. Favourite song: In terms of songs, I have just been loving the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack, I watched the film last Sunday and have just been listening to the songs non stop, especially Otis Redding; Love Man. It just makes you want to have a little boogie along.
  3. Weekly Goal: So I have definitely got back into my healthy eating routine and workouts (although caramel digestive will forever be my weakness!). Thus this week I really would love to try to get back into yoga, possibly try and do it 3 times this week. I used to really love Yoga and think it will be something that both helps my stress levels but also get me moving. Saying that, another daily goal I have is to try and get outside and moving everyday. I have beautiful rivers near me and should really take advantage of them more.

‘Good things are going to happen. Have aith and stay positive’


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