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To say I am now a graduate is incredibly scary I no longer have the title of student and instead am being constantly asked, ‘what is next?’ It has not sung in yet that I shall not be returning to university in October, No more sitting in oversized jumpers in the library with 10 books around me, a green tea and listening to the Harry Potter soundtracks. Thinking about that does make me a little sad- maybe one day I’ll have to do a masters. But for now I’m currently set on finding a job, something interesting involving current affairs (its a lot harder to find than people believe). I have so many things that I want to do and see (including the long list of places I’d like to visit). I’d like to move out and decorate my own space. Over the 2 months I have had off, I have come to the ultimate decision, I’m ready to be an adult and do live that adult life. I would love to get a job in which I can develop, I’d love to carry on blogging and just writing my random thoughts and I’d love to carry on exploring new places and the history it has. I positively ready for life.


This outfit is a little bit more girly and then I would usually go for- however I felt this skirt was the only thing I could pair the top with, without showing too much of my stomach off. Nonetheless, it is an incredibly cute and summery outfit. Bardot tops have been all the rage these past 2 summers and I adore this one because it is not restrictive and I still feel like I can do things and be productive with it on. All I need to go with it, is a cute little straw bag and I’m just ready for St Tropez (a girl can dreammm!)



Love KP x


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