A Graduate.


And so, offically I have graduated. Through my whole university education I always wondered what graduation would be like. What would I wear? How would I feel? What grade would I have recieved? However, on the 19th July, the day finally arrived. Graduation is a special time, it is closure to a 3 year chapter and a time that both family, friends and yourself should feel incredibly happy and proud. As with all special days, it went incredibly quickly- everyone wishing their congrats, smiling the whole time all for the 20 seconds whil e you walk across the stage to shake the Principles hand- utimatley walking off the stage a Graduate.

To make the day a bit more special, my family and I went for afternoon tea at Fortnum and Masons (in my opinion the best and only place to have afternoon tea in London). I mean being surrounded my a colour scheme predominatley centred on duck egg blue, I mean what more could you ask for? It was ofcourse amazing, and if there’s one thing you should ever buy from Fortnum’s it is the Royal Blend of Tea. Thus the day end with me full to the brim with tea and scones, and for me that is perfect.



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