Life| Results and Raspberry Cupcakes.

So this week, I received my university results. I was relieved and incredibly happy to be graduating with a 2:1 !!!! I was so proud of myself, especially after all the effort I put in towards it. Now the next step is to graduate (oh and find a job). I celebrated by making raspberry cupcakes and drinking prosecco.

Current book: Tinker Tailor Solider Spy by John Le Carre. So I had just started this book last week and I’m still properly getting into it. It’s really good however there a fair amount of characters so it does take a lot to get your head around. Nonetheless I am still enjoying it

Favourite song: Carolina by Harry Styles, I mean nothing beats Harry Styles he’s just a legend. This song was always my favourite on the album and I have just kept listening to it non stop this week.

Weekly Goal: So my goal this week is to really try out my photography skills more. The photo above I took at the aquarium in Berlin and I am so happy with the shot. I’m hoping to try capture some more wonderful shots.

Love KP x


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