Travel| Berlin.

So last weekend I travelled for a city break to Berlin. I’d never been to Berlin before and had no idea what to expect. But as the history geek I am, I was incredibly excited for the history, especially everything to do with the Cold War. Compared to Rome, Berlin is obviously a very magical city and thus has a very different vibe. It is very modern, but still has some beautiful buildings. In almost every corner you look there was some beautiful artwork on the wall, it’s a very vibrant city.


Top things we did:

  • Topography of Terror: Was a museum about the Nazi specifically the Gestapo and their terror regime. It was incredible and had so much information, a segment of the Berlin Wall was also next to it. 
  • Berlin Domer/ Cathedral: I have such an appreciation for beautiful buildings, art and churches. The Berlin Cathedral was a must for me and it is stunning. We went inside and watched the Choir boys practicing. 
  • TV tower: This was a good place for a lovely view, we went up to the observation deck and you could see the whole of Berlin. We also ate in the restaurant, which I highly recommend as the food was amazing (still dreaming about the Lemon Meringue Pie). 

There is obviously so much more to do and we didn’t get everything done. 


Love, KP x


4 thoughts on “Travel| Berlin.

  1. I was in Berlin a few years ago and going back in a couple of months- can’t wait to explore the different parts of the city that I hadn’t been to last time (Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg…) liked reading your post, and great photos! Cheers

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