Life| Just swimming around.


So I’m still job hunting and had another interview this week, so fingers crossed it went well. I think in some aspects I under estimated job hunting, it is a very cut throat world out there and although I didn’t believe I would walk straight into a job; it takes a lot more time to find your interview style and the right job for you. But I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself and taking every interview as a lesson. I’m also going to Berlin this weekend, which I’m incredibly excited about, I have never been and I love everything to do with the Cold War so I can’t wait.

Current book: Tinker Tailor Solider Spy by John Le Carre. This is a masive jump from Harry Potter. But I mean who doesn’t enjoy a spy novel? I haven’t properly started it yet (in fact, I’m really only 2 pages in). However, I can’t wait to properly get into it on the plane to Berlin.

Favourite news article: Ever since this time last year, not a day goes by without some form of reference to Brexit. Formal negotiations started this week, and although everyone is skeptical about the outcome of the unknown Brexit. There have been many articles this week on Brexit, nonetheless the main article which caught my eye was Boys skirt the rules in revolt over shorts ban,which saw a group of school boys where skirts to school after the school refused to allow them to wear shorts in the 30 degree heat. This was an article which just put a smile on my face- young revolts!  

Favourite song: This week I haven’t really listened to much music expect the other day I had Disney’s Greatest Hits album on, which in its own right is a classic. But I mean it has a couple of my favourites on, including ‘You will be in my heart‘ and ‘I wanna be like you‘.

Weekly goal: So this weeks goal obviously is to apply for more jobs and really put myself out there. However, on a personal level it is to try to improve my photography skill especially of outfit photos.

Love KP x


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