Life| Voting’ and Singing’


And so another week passes, I am still on the job hunt but I’ve had a couple more interviews and so I’m spending a vast amount of time dressed professionally and wearing uncomfortable footwear (I mean anything that isn’t trainers). I am finally getting used to the fact I have no plan and I’m taking each day as it comes. No longer working Saturdays does mean I have more time for cooking- as I write this I have a minestrone soup simmering away (it was beautiful by the way).

Current book: So I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,ย there’s not much to say on this book expect that it is just amazing!! I’m so happy I decided to re-read the Harry Potter books but at the same time I’m sad for it to end. Nothing will ever live up to the Harry Potter

Favourite news article: So this week has seen some real political turmoil, in Britain there was an election with a result which left the Conservative Party much more destabilised than before. Evening Standard-How Britian’s youth mobilised to give Theresa May a catastrophic result.ย Whether you agree with the results or not, the election results brought another shock to politics. I think the most important part was the fact it was such a high 18-25 year old turn out, which I think is brilliant.

Favourite song: Ever since Ariana Grande’sย Manchester concert last Sunday, which was an amazing concert that spread so much love and was a huge success. I have become obsessed with Mac Miller’s Dang!, it is such a good song and has a brilliant beat which sees me tapping thee old toes!

Goal: Last weeks goal was to do more excercise and get back into that. Well this weeks goal is to get back into healthy eating I have eaten way too many caramel chocolate digestive but they are just too good to resist! (And they are always on offer!)


Love KP x


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