Fashion| Floral fusion.








Being in the gap between finishing university and starting a full time job can bring a range of emotions. On one level I’m so excited to see what I fall into, scared about what the future holds, sad about finishing uni, apprehensive about whether my first job will secure my dream. Β I think finishing university is a scary time, and although people tell you to enjoy the moment and what will happen will happen. It is not always that easy. On one level I’m ready to start a job, gain experience and meet new people while at the same time I have such cravings for travel (but then again that happens every summer!)

This has caused me to turnΒ to fashion.

Without a doubt clothes define you as a person, they express your personality, your character, whIMG_4037at image you particularly want to portray. This is not a new concept, and instead an incredibly important past time in society. The Duchess of Devonshire, a fashion icon of the Georgian period, expressed her personality, her political beliefs and formed her own image and symbol through the clothes she wore and styled. For women, clothes were their only expression of themselves. Therefore, it is fitting through a time when my place as a Student of 15 years draws to a close, I turn back to clothes as a way of starting afresh. Throughout university I slowly grew away from fashion and clothing, maybe possibly due to the stress and heticness my life became instead I sought instead to just wear trainers and jeans to university everyday. However, as uni draws more slowly away I see myself redeveloping my love with clothing. I’m planning more outfits, I’m enjoying fashion again. So, maybe there is a fusion between your love for clothing and changes in your life. Either way, my refound love with planning my outfits makes me excited to start planningΒ the next chapter in my life.


Dress; Topshop, Shoes; M&S

Love KP x




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