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So this was my second week as a ‘lady of leisure’, and my first week officially of job hunting and getting my life sorted. For some unknown reason I seem to have put a considerable amount of pressure on myself to find a job quickly. However, I have been lucky and in the past week had two job interviews (considering it was a bank holiday, I think that’s pretty good!). But I’m taking each day as it comes, and hopefully really get back into blogging. I also quit my Saturday job which means for the first time in 8 years I’ll be able to plan fun adventures on Saturdays!!!

Current book: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince- so through my high stress leveled end of uni life when I was spending too many hours in the library frantically writing a dissertation and fitting in revision. My oasis became Harry Potter, I used to read the books every summer. However, I hadn’t read them for a good 5 years and felt nostalgic and wanted something I loved and easy to read, which sees my current situation ploughing through each book.

Favourite news article: Why Trump hates global agreements, by Dan Balz. So in the week when Trump withdraws from the historic Paris accord on climate change. I think this is a fitting article in explaining, to some extent, the reasons behind Trumps decisions; in a presidency which is forever so closely scrutinised and rightly criticised.

Favourite song: Carolina by Harry Styles. I mean you can’t not love Harry Styles, he’s a dream in himself. This particular song off the album is a firm favourite, it just makes me want to dance- I feel like its perfect for the summer.

Goal: My goal in the next week is to try and get back into my excerise regime, which was slacking during the last couple of weeks. I need to get back into my healthy eating and workouts.

Love KP x


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