Life update| Finishing university.


I can’t believe I’m writing this… it seems like only yesterday I was starting my first day of university. I remember what I was wearing, what my first lecture was (the fact I fell down the stair in front of everyone. lol). I mean time has literally flown by… I have visited Australia, LA, New York. I have made some lovely friends. Learnt that trainers are my new favourite shoe to wear (around 10 years ago you would have never caught me in trainers). As much as university was stressful at times, I shall miss learning new things, working in the library and god for bid writing the odd essay — I mean maybe it’s because I don’t know any different. Or maybe I’ll do a Masters later in life (who knows???)

However, at the same time, I am incredibly excited to see where life takes me. Over the past year I have learnt its okay for your first job not to be your career or something you don’t really want to do it’s all about experience and finding out what you enjoy. I’m ready to find a job, save money and explore new places in the world. But also now I shall have more time for blogging- maybe a weekly outfit post (SAYYY WHAT?!) Or maybe I’ll start vlogging, because I do love videos and capturing fun memories.

Either way, although today I am about to sit my last exam. I am also about to start a new journey for that I’m incredibly grateful.

Love, KP x


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