Travel| Rome.

Hello lovely people,

It’s been a while…third year and dissertations are taking over my life. However, last week, before I started the last leg and grind of my time in education. My friend and I went to Rome for the weekend. Now as a History geek, I was literally so excited to be a tourist and walk around probably one of the oldest and most dynamic historical cities there is. I could not recommend Rome enough, the food, culture and history is all just wonderful.

If you ever think of visiting Rome I would recommend you get a Hop on Hop off Tour Bus, I always rely on these when I go to a new city and its an easy way to see the sights and get used to it. Also the Vatican, we got ‘Skip the Line’ tickets before we went and that really saves a lot of time, especially if time is limited. EVERY room you walk in is amazinggggg and so beautiful, I have so many pictures of ceilings from the Vatican. I’d also recommend you climb St Peters Basilica, we got the lift and stairs because otherwise it was 575 steps, (Sorry but no!). The views again are absolutely amazing and also the inside of the basilica was probably one of my favourite parts.

Food wise; I mean you are in Italy so anywhere you go is going to have some amazing pasta and pizza dishes. I also ate my weight in gelato because when in Rome you need to eat Gelato!

Love KP.




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