Life | Skies, frost, work.

A couple of pictures which just sum up my week- I seem to love to take pictures of pretty skies and I mean when its beautifully sunny or a frosty morning what is not to love! So this week was my second week back at uni, and my last term (OH MA GAD!!!). I just can’t believe how quickly its gone. Currently, I’m at the end of planning my dissertation and also trying to get my other essays out the way so they all get done. – forever writing to do lists, in fact, my life has become a long to-do list. These snaps were taken throughout the week, and only show a small amount of time (mostly where I’m not sitting at a desk doing uni work).

Current book: Last week I finished my Agatha Christie book, and now I have just started John Grishmans, The Last Juror, which is set in the 1970’s America. It seems good at the moment although I have to confess I haven’t got that far into it just yet.

Favourite news article: Telegraph News– Without America, Britain must lead in standing up to Tsar Putin’s new imperial Russia, by Luke Coffey. Now I do love to read news articles, I think partly because I study history, I apperciate what’s going on in the world. This was an article that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this week and might be due to the fact I just came out of my favourite module on the Cold War, but honestly I’d give it a read if you enjoy the Cold War. 

Favourite song: I mean this past week I have enjoyed a variety of music, I’m a massive music listener but probably ‘Reminder by The Weekend’ I have literally listened to everyday. Just can’t get enough of that song.

Goal: Next weeks goal is to do some more cooking, one of my resolutions in the New Year was to do more cooking, and as I have both Thursday and Friday off of uni I’m going to make it my mission to do some more cooking and cook a new dish- something different.


Hope you have a fabulous week.

Love KP x



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