Book| The Secret Adversary.

So about 10 minutes ago I finished and put down the book, ‘The Secret Adversary’ by Agatha Christie and I bloody loved it. This book is almost a detective story but at the same time a thriller. In which the two main protagonists Tuppence (such a cool name!) and Tommy form the Young Adventurers and end up being harpooned into a political crisis, which involved both the Americans and Britain. Now this may sound complicated but I promise you it is not, it’s an excellent book, written really well and very easy to read. As well as having a plot twist at the end, which will leave you feeling aghast. If you enjoy an adventure story, which is a little bit more political and set, in the interwar years than this is something that is right up your street and I would highly recommend. I read this over the space of two weeks on the train to uni, and every time I had to get off the train I was gutted, as I just wanted to carry on reading and find out what happens next. The two main characters are relatable and normal characters, they are just two young people short of money and looking for a sense of adventure, this makes them extremely likeable and just makes the book a lovely read; nothing to complicated or pulling of the heart strings- something I don’t really enjoy.

I have read a vast amount of Agatha Christie’s books, especially her Poriot murder mystery’s they are some of my favourite and easy stories to read. Because Poriot is my favourite Agatha Christie character I was apprehensive reading a non Poriot story but nonetheless her excellent story telling skills really does help.

Please tell me if you read it or have any book recommendations.

Love KP x


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