Food| Millionaire shortbread.



In October I brought ‘Tanya Bakes’ by Tanya Burr, and omg it is one of the best baking books I have ever got. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of baking books- its my favourite thing to do. But I picked this up and was amazed by the fact I wanted to back nearly everything in it. All of the recipes were classics, or just looked simply amazing. Now for someone who can be fussy that can be very surprising. I have already baked the Nutella cookies from this book, which many people always demand I make whenever we have a gathering. But this time I tried the Millionaire shortbread.

These little beauties did not disappoint, they came out fabulously and I’m ever so happy with them. They are something I never really believed in making because, I thought it was too technical, however, expect the waiting between chilling times and it being put into 3 sections it really isn’t that difficult.



KP x


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