Blogmas Day 2| Puddin’ and Soupin’

img_0177img_01832nd December started my normal Friday routine of a workout, banana on toast for brekkie (its food shop day!) and my cup of tea. I don’t have uni on Friday’s which is amazinggggg so it means I can just crack on in a super chilled day at home.

So today did involve dissertation research and essay research for the predomiant part of the day, while sitting listening to christmas music for the duration of that. However, I did make my homemade Tomato Soup (recipe is in a previous blog post). I love making soup as it is so cosy and warm and smells fabulous.


IΒ also ventured out the house to do the weekly food shop for the family, and hardly put any unnecessary thing in the shopping trolley (its a habit of mine to totally not stick to the list).

img_0171You’ll probably see alot of this Christmas pudding hat because it is my favourite thing to wear at christmas time for the past year. For the whole of November I have been waiting to wear it and now its finally December I just can’t get odd looks for wearing it anymore! So I do apologise now in advance for the fact you will probably see this hat ALOT.

Merry Christmas



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