Blogmas Day 1| I’m sorry.

img_5340Hello, HI, Heya.

Sorry I should probably start this blogpost with a sorry for my absence. That, ‘I’ll keep up with this blog everyweek’. Kind of went out of the window when I sank into third year, dissertation stress, libary life and ultimate TOO MUCH READING AND HIGHLIGHTING.

However, I thought I would try something a little bit different and do a kind of blogmas diary for everyday in December. Because Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year and I just loooooove anything Christmassy and well we shall see if it works.

So, I mean today was a kind of slow start ot what one would call blogmas. I spent the day at home, researching for my essay, reading for my seminars next week and by the time I looked at my watched it was 6 o’clock. However, as much as I fear this blogmas will continue to have the same theme to it, I did spent the majority of the day singing along to the ultimate christmas playlists on spotify and being fabulously festive.

I did decorate my room, with my little christmas tree I brought in Van Hages in October and I just couldn’t wait to decorate it. Now, my baubles haven’t actually arrived yet, which is kind of annoying for a christmas fanatic like myself but I did put my lights on it today and I’m alreadt in love with it. As for the rest of my room, I have a Merry Christmas gardland, tealight and some tinsel (pictures tomorrow).

Outfit wise- well because it was the 1st December I needed to get my Christmas Jumper out, today’s one was a traditional Topshop reindeer one which was sutble and a light brown colour. Tonight I’m wearing my festive pj’s because I mean it now is December and you can’t not!

I’m not sure how these blogmas post will go, but I mean we might as well try!

Merry Christmas



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