Sandy tee.

Sometimes mens clothes are just as good if not better than women’s. Recently this sand colour has totally been in for men for quite a while and I have become absolutely obsessed with it (secretly hoping it would come in for women aswell.. it still hasn’t). So I have got my sand coloured fix from Topman with their long line t-shirt. This t-shirt was only £10, which due to my height and logic is basically a £10 dress. WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?!

Longline t-shirt, Topman. Adiddas superstars. 

This outfit is overly simple and that’s why I love it. It’s a comfy and easy to wear. Its one of those outfits that you can easily wear around the house but also just popping around town, while still feeling stylish. Obviously it isn’t practical as a dress if you are overly tall, maybe its one of the perks of small (there are some!).




K  x


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