Stripes and cake.

IMG_0153IMG_0152Its 10 am on Bank Holiday Monday, and my cake is firmly baking in the oven- I mean I do love a productive morning.  And I’m always in charge of baking the cake for the Bank Holiday weekends.

Now, as the last bank holiday draws to a close, I reflect on how much everyone usually loves a good bank holiday. Is it because its a 3 day weekend? Or the fact they can get drunk on a Sunday with no consequences? Either way, whenever Bank Holiday rolls around everyone seems  alot happier. Begging the question why do people not have fun and chill alot more often, why is it you need a calender date to tell you to let loose? Now my idea of letting ‘loose’ and having fun is baking and cooking its my relaxing time. But then again, so is blogging and taking photos, am I just spoilt with choice over the amount of things I love.

But anyway, onto the outfit. This is a very simple outfit which does not require too much detail. Except I’m obsessed with this denim skirt (Topshop, MOTO), now don’t get me wrong it is fairly skin-tight, so if you fancy running around and doing a couple of squats it isn’t the one for you. However, it is super comfy and has been a staple in my summer wardrobe. Even so much, that I can now picture  jumpers to go with it. What’s more I’ve paired it with this stripe t-shirt that has a banana detailing on it (Topshop), its quirky and reminds me so much of the 90’s ( a trend THAT I’M LOVING!) This t-shirt, is my perfect t-shirt and if it came in simple white, I would probably own a couple. For me it is the perfect up and just fits me so well, I would highly recommend it.


Enjoy the bank holiday







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