Fashion| Denim delight.

Topshop Moto Plait (£39)














As the delight of a student summer slowly crawls to the end, as I think about how I’m ever going to cope with the stress and workload of third year and instead just spend my time on a yacht around the South of France (a girl can dream!). I look back on my 3 month summer off, yes £9,000 a year tuition fees are TOTALLY (not) worth it. I’ve lived my dream of visiting LA, and now forever more am in that permanent state of, how do I make my life seem more LA?. I’ve re-decorated my room and have nearly finished putting the last bits together, worked non-stop, baked considerable amounts of cookies and read for enjoyment. And thus, it has become a summer of doing things I love to do, which at the end of the day is what life should be filled with.


While this was going on, my love for denim has increased monumentally, demin skirts, dresses, ripped jeans it’s all become a little bit of a comfort outfit for me. But at the moment its definitely denim dresses- every time I see one I have this urge to want to buy it. I mean realistically I don’t need 3 different blue denim dresses. But maybe one black one would finish the collection right off. But it made me thing about how things ever so slowly change, 5 years ago- denim was not my thing, tights and tea dresses were my thing and now I’m constraining myself from wearing the same denim dress 4 days in a row because I just can’t get enough of it. Now this denim dress is the perfect fit for me in all ways and the plait detailing is a great little touch, so Topshop if you are listening PLEASE bring it out in black! *thanks*.


This dress, because I have worn it so much, symbolises summer for me now and reminds me of a summer of doing the things I love to do, just plodding around in life. Sometimes plodding around is a good thing and this summer has definitely been a delight.


Lots of love,

K x



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