Travel| LA.

Going to LA has always been a dream of mine, something about the endless Palm Trees and beaches mixed with a hell a lot of shopping is just my cup of tea. Or should I say iced tea? (more American maybe). Now ever since I have come back from Sydney, I have craved the aussie lifestyle, and everyone has all said that LA was very similar. So I have come to the unanimous decision that I LOVE LA.


Firstly, I was the biggest tourist going around LA, and just ticked everything off my list of things to do and one of the main things was ‘hiking’ in Griffith Park- I mean it was amazing, the weather was brilliant and I took a picnic when I reached the top and had my lunch looking over the Hollywood Sign.  I love the outdoors and this was the perfect way to start and end my trip to LA.

I also visited Santa Monica Beach, which I feel like was a massive need to do while in LA, especially considering I love being by the beach. In fact, again I hired a bike and cycled along the beach front to Venice Beach and back again- THIS WAS AMAZING and I totally recommend it, especially if you love the beach.



As we had a car it was easy to travel around LA, and we also ventured out to Malibu and even went as far as Santa Barbra which was so picturesque and looked amazing with original looking buildings and a lot more relaxed than the bustling LA.  The sunsets in LA were so pretty, especially with the Palm Trees in the backdrop. Over all LA was a different vibe to NYC but something that was defintley up my street, I could spend weeks there. The City of Angels will have to make a reapperence in my life again sometime soon.






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