Travel| NYC.


I had only visited New York once, which was when I was around 7 and it was one of our first trips to America as a family. But as anything, when you are younger you never really appreciate experiences such as New York City. So when I was given the opportunity to experience NYC for 4 days I jumped at it.

Throughout my 4 days in New York I did a vast amount of sightseeing while being the ultimate tourist (I mean, you kinda have too!) and a serious amount of walking, I believe I walked the whole length of Manhattan in 4 days- my poor feet were in bits. But it was well worth it, I think roaming around streets and exploring hidden gems really does help you get a feel and sense of the city compared to a tour bus. You go different ways along streets which you never know existed and it brings a real sense of adventure to the trip.

I did to the wonders of New York, cycling around Central Park, walking along 5th Avenue and even visiting the new Freedom Tower. I thoroughlyย cycling around Central Park and it was something that I ticked off my to do list- just reminded me of Stuart Little.

On one evening as the sun went down I walked right along Broadway capturing some of the wonders of New York at dusk/ night, and it was absoultley beautiful. I always believe the best way to see a city is on foot, and I really feel like a got to see a small snippet of one of the most famous cities in the world.




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