Fun adventures| Wales.


Recently I went on a trip to Conway in North Wales to visit my friend from university.I have hardly visited Wales considering it is really only a 4 hour drive away from where I live and so I was roughly excited to get my walking boots on and be surrounded by nature. I’ve always enjoyed long walks especially around the seaside and mountains and Wales did not disappoint.


Since I was only there for 4 days it was a case of picking a couple of things out of a big old list of amazing things I would love to see and do. The weather, I mean it is Wales, wasΒ temperamental on Thursday and so we spent the day watching Harry Potter and colouring in our Harry Potter colouring book, I mean what could be more fun!!. However, the other two days we spent time in Conway itself, in which we walked the walls along the Conway Castle sooooo many castles in Wales. It is a carven of history with castles everywhere!!- Inner history geek was loving life.



On the other day, we spent timeΒ at Swallow falls, which involved a beautiful walk through the woods with the river on our side and it was something therapeutic about it all. The river and falls was beautiful and it was in a quaint town which very much reminded me of Yorkshire it was beautiful.


It was a short but sweet stay in Wales and I loved every moment.

Love Β  K



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