Book| The Other Boleyn Girl.


Now, I absoutley love reading books. It is probably one of my favourite things to do and ever since a young age I have been an absoulte bookworm. This book my Philippa Gregory, ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ has had some amazing reviews both on amazon and just generally around, it isn’t a newly published book but I have never got round to reading it.

At first, I was a little optimistic, only because I had recently read Wolf Hall which I didn’t particualrly enjoy, and I know its not the same author but I had this perception it would be the same type of style. However, I was competley wrong, I have been blown away by this book and have thouroughly enjoyed it. Because I’m a big history geek and a lover of the Tudor period I think I enjoyed it even more however, even if you aren’t into the history side of it and just like a story about family, fortune and power it would be a book for you.

To me, what made the book unique was the fact that it was not the typical story of Anne Boylen and Henry VIII love and then downfall, but instead was told from Mary Boylen’s (Anne’s sister point of view) and thus incoperated her own world and life into the bigger story. The power of the Boylen family and their determination to be the most powerful family in England is a constant theme from the ouset and thus the Boylen girls, as most likely would have happened, become pawns in the rising amitions of their family.

This book is 500 or so pages long, which to me when I first saw it, did think it would be a long and slow book, however, Philippa Gregory writes in such an easy way that you not only get lost in the storyline but it doesn’t feel hard to read and therefore makes it more enjoyable.

Overall I was pleasantly suprised by this book and would not only recommend it but will defintley be looking at more of Phillipa Gregory’s Tudor Dynasty Series.


Have a wonderful day.


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