Saved by the bell.

So yeah, that New Years Resolution of writing a blog post every Friday never really planned out, I didn’t take in to account the 13,000 words of essays that could be due in the course of a 10 day period, so lets just say I have been a little bit preoccuppied recently. Not only has this preoccupied manner meant I have religious been slaving away in front of the laptop with joggers and my favourite grey t-shirt (Topshop sports luxe trend situation on point!) But it has also meant well I have had nothing amazing to to post about, unless you call a moan about people who call back a book that IMG_3845you have on loan- LIKE REALLY? CAN’T YOU TELL I NEEDED THAT!!

But anyway, I have recently come into possession of thee most AMAZING jeans ever!! Like how cute are they?! When I first saw them, I was kinda thinking can I really pull them off, for someone who used to religiously live in dresses, I didn’t think these MOM jeans cut would really be for me. However, once they were on I felt like Kelly Kapowski from Saved

by the bell and I bloody loved it! Now, unfortunatley I wasn’t around when Saved by the Bell first aired, but somehow through my childhood- probably the days when Nickledon used to be the best thing of all time, I picked up on a couple of the shows episodes. It has now become a classic, a bit like ‘Fresh Prince of Bell Air’ and I’m sure you’ll find me searching throughout the internet to find the complete episodes to watch on a Sunday night, maybe I’ll learn to buy the box set. However, I just love how these jeans bring back warm memoires and I suppose the added perk is they look pretty cool aswell. They have these cute little pictures of fries, hotdogs, burgers and doughnuts on them and are very quirky.I wore them yesturday and I had many comments on them, I suppose probably becasue they are a bit loud.  I’m hoping to get as many wears out of them as possible, and spread that 90’s fashion trend, which seems to be slowly making an apperrance again- thank god.

IMG_3849Now, ironically I’m sitting here in my grey t-shirt and socks while writing this post inbetween my revision breaks, lets hope I don’t leave it too long until the next post. But pray for me while I slowly become one of those uni students who only enters the outside world when she needs food. But I suppose it’s alright cause I’m saved by the bell ( see what I did there).


Happy Sunday everyone!






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