The Rollneck hype.



You know there is that one piece in your wadrobe that you just never throw away, no matter how many seasons it sits there clogging up vital space for trend setting pieces. Well, the dress is once of them.

The roll neck is making an extreme come back this year, and everywhere they have them in an array of colours- I mean every colour. As a history student, I love watching old trends fall back in place, and I’m sure brands just roll out the old archives every year to bring their old designs to a new life. The roll neck was historically associated with sailors and officers and then transformed into intellectuals, academics. I do think there is something smart about roll necks, I suppose it has to be when it is a rebellion against the suit and tie concept. But I love how clothing and their concept develops overtime, I wonder what it will be assoicated with in 10 years time- will it be associated with 2016 and having a different vision on society that it has in the past?

Now, to be honest, I was not really a fan of this staple trend piece when I first came across it, something to do with a tight grip around my neck didn’t really do it for me. I thought I’d get a clautsrophic neck feeling (is that a thing? probably not??- I have just made a new concept). But anyway, I had just come to a conclusion I wouldn’t enjoy them.

However, I slowly became persudaded by this style piece once I realised I could wear it with my trustee burgundy pinafore and look ulta trendy. I thought I’d just get a simple black one, piece it will go with everything and is probably my safest opition.

Now onto the dress, this shift dress is from probably Summer 2013 Miss Selfridge, and I came to buy it for the purpose of Sixth Form (the fading bad memory). However, once sixth form was over and summer was also over I had no real idea of how to wear it, so I kid you not it has been sitting in my wardobe ever since. I had decided not throw it away everytime I did a wardrobe clear out (if I knew the reason why then believe me I would say) however maybe I had an idea I would one day wear it again. And that day came today.


When I first put this outfit on, I was not initally sure about it, but you know those Outfits that as you wear it throughout the day it grows on you and you kinda fall in love with. Well this is one of them. I feel like the dress brings a pop of colour to the roll. I’m not sure if the Outfit altogether rocks, butΒ I suppose if you make it look like it does and just rock it- then who cares.


Hope you have a lovely day.







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