Life| New Year Resolutions

1) Learn to say YES: 
Now I’m definitely the ‘old lady’ of the group, I love an early night and sitting in the comfort of my own home with a book and a candle lit. I have started to create this mind set over the past couple of months and want to carry on pursing it. I feel like I have probably missed out on a number of good times last year because the fear of not having an early night. So next time I get asked to do something or go somewhere I will try and say YES.

2) Travel more: 
I do love travelling and everything this one is always on my list of things to do. I’m thinking of exploring New York or LA this year however, anything from a little beach getaway in England would  deal with my travel flare.

3) Do more Yoga: 
When I came back from Australia, I was very much into Yoga and tried to do it once a day. However due to how busy life and university has got I have become partial to putting off Yoga everyday under the illusion I simply ‘don’t have the time’. Therefore, one of my resolutions this year is to quite simply make time for Yoga.

4) Cook more: 
This one seems to have progressed over the year and I would love to carry on cooking more and experimenting with flavours and foods. I like in a very fussy household who is skeptical of anything new, so this year I would love to ignore the households fussiness and try anything that I would fancy.

5) Blog more:
Being a first year student at university, last year it got the better of me and I felt increasingly under pressure all the time and thus lost focus to sit and blog. I would love to blog more this year and might even set a time every week to just write a blogpost.

Lastly, just carrying on learning to love myself and be more confident in myself. Everyone deserves a fabulous 2016


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