Something New| Yoga.

As you may have read in my previous post, I have recently taken up Yoga- it was one of my ‘must do’s’ this summer and I’m incredibly delighted to have perceived with it. I am still relatively new to the practice of Yoga and thus thought I’d share the way in which I have taken it up.
Now once I had decided to take up Yoga, I didn’t really know where to start- I didn’t want to commit to a class full of Yoga ry’ people and didn’t want a dvd on it. So I went to the trust YouTube to seek out a Yoga teacher online. Coming across ‘Yoga with Adrianne’. I found she did a playlist called ’30 days of Yoga with Adrianne.  This was perfect as it meant I could try something new and didn’t have to be completely committed to it, if I didn’t want too.
Why I love this Yoga Playlist?
*Easy to follow:
Adrianne makes Yoga super simple and talks through any new poses that we are trying. She always does everything slowly which helps me a lot as I like to watch the screen and do the pose and the same time- and don’t get stressed out by everything going to quickly and not being able to keep up.
*Can do it whenever you want:
The brilliant thing about Yoga on YouTube is you can literally do it whenever you want too, you aren’t committed to a time place or day to achieve relaxation through Yoga and can do it in the comfort of your own home- for me this is probably the most ideal thing ever.
*Adrianne way:
Adrianne has a brilliant personality and way of thinking she really does put you at ease from the beginning and by thinking positively about life, it does in many ways rub off on you during the 30 days- you start thinking with a more positive mentality. Problems are shut out of your head while you focus on your inner peace and personal mental time.
* Perfect amount of time to see if you fall in love with Yoga or not.
There is that idea that if you do something for 30 days it becomes routine. Well I believe this playlist of 30 days is the perfect amount of time for you to either fall in love with Yoga or realise it isn’t really for you.  Also in many ways, it is a free service and you therefore I not loosing any money for a little bit of experimentation.
I do hope this inspires someone out there to thing about taking up Yoga and giving Yoga with Adrianne a chance, it really is something so simple and helps me in many ways.

                                                Love Kelly xx

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